Rheumatic diseases are the most frequent cause of pain and disability in Western countries, significantly altering the quality of life.

Therapeutic Yoga applies techniques to relieve pain, reduce fatigue, anxiety and depression. It also improves physical condition, self-esteem and general well-being.

Therapeutic Yoga is suitable for all people regardless of age or physical condition. 100% adapted and personalized for each patient depending on her/his requirements, it is an comprehensive and multidimensional therapy.




Thanks to Esther, I gave myself moments of peace, I learned to control my breathing which due to anxiety was blocked. It is the best present that I could have found during my honeymoon vacations.

María, Spain

Esther is a very thoughtful yoga teacher with great experience and an even bigger heard. She has a deep knowledge of the human anatomy and the yoga practice. Each yoga posture which she guides you through has a purpose. She pays great attention to the problems and individual needs. I strongly recommend her yoga classes to anyone that wants to feel better inside and outside of the classes to be more connected to your body and soul. It was a great experience and I hope to be able to participate in her yoga classes again very soon. Thank you Esther!

Isa, Germany

Me and my sister really enjoyed our classes with Esther on our holiday to Fuerteventura. So much so that we continued our lessons online after we left the Island. This really helped us get through quarantine when we were stuck at home. She is really passionate about yoga and catered our classes to suit our ability and needs.

Chris, United Kingdom

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